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Mercurians Article Prize and Pamela Laird Travel Grant

The Mercurians sponsor the $1,000 Pamela Laird Travel Grant. This helps junior scholars to defray the cost of traveling to a research collection and the $1,000 Mercurians Prize for the best article by a junior scholar. A junior scholar is defined as someone who is either a graduate student or a postgraduate who is less than three years beyond receipt of the terminal degree in their field. These competitive honors are awarded in alternate years. The Pamela Laird Travel Grant will be awarded in 2021; the first Mercurians Prize for Best Article will be awarded in 2022 for articles published in the calendar years 2020-21.

Only travel to institutionalized archival and special collections will be supported. All articles nominated for the Mercurians Prize will have been peer reviewed and will have complete scholarly apparatus. 

To maintain support for the awards, members are asked for an annual membership fee of US$10.00 for the main purpose of supporting these awards.  The Mercurians welcome larger donations.  Members who contribute more than US$10.00 may direct their funds for either the Mercurians Prize or the Pamela Laird Travel Grant.

Please click on the (Prize and Grant Program) below or [here] to contribute to the Prize and Grant program or to submit an article for the Prize or to apply for a Travel Grant.

Checks or international money orders may be sent to

Amy Bix, SHOT Treasurer
5 Woodland Lane
Kirksville, MO  63501

News and Announcements

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